"Jika kita melakukan perkara yang sama, mana mungkin kita akan mendapat pendapatan yang berbeza"

Baru Bermula: Gabungan diantara keperluan dan permintaan. Gabungan diantara kekuatan produk dan plan. Produk yang hadir dimasa yang tepat dan plan yang membolehkan anda mendapat pendapatan yang lumayan. Anda buat anda untung, anda TAK buat pun anda TETAP untung.

Berapa lama anda mahu pergi kerja 7 pagi, balik 7 malam?
Baru 15hb setiap bulan, wang gaji anda telah habis?
Berapa jumlah wang yang anda mampu simpan sebulan?
Berapa banyak hutang anda?
Adakah anak anda mendapat apa yang sepatutnya dia dapat dari segi keperluan harian, kualiti persekolahan?
Berapa banyak wang yang telah anda berikan untuk ibubapa?
Bilakah anda ingin meningkatkan lagi taraf kehidupan anda?
Oleh itu, anda perlu berniaga. 9 dari 10 punca rezeki adalah berniaga. Pada tahun 2007, perniagaan seperti yang kami tawarkan ini telah meyumbangkan RM6 billion untuk ekonomi Malaysia dan pengiatnya ada 4 juta orang.
Petrol sekarang RM2.70 seliter? Dan yang lebih membimbangkan lagi, biasanya barang lain akan turut naik - Kami ada penyelesaian untuk kurangkan kos petrol dan menambahkan pendapatan anda.

Fikirkan.. di Malaysia, kenapa orang yang berpendapatan puluhan ribu ringgit dan golongan profesional juga turut merebut peluang seperti ini ?? Anda bagaimana?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do Fuel Savers Work? Hydrogen Gas Saver Does!

Are the hydrogen gas saver devices for real?

What if those devices or systems would actually really work? Being myself a gas consumer, I know how frustrating it can be to see the gas price fluctuation and not be able to say anything about it. We, as customers, don't have much to say about the gas price situation. So what can we do to help ourselves and to stop spending more and more money on gas?

Since none of us can affect these multinational companies, we can already stop thinking about influencing the gas price. Except from that here is what is left :

- Taking good care of your car by doing the proper maintenance.

- Taking good "every day habits" to help you reduce your fuel consumption.

- Take some time and search for an "hydrogen gas saver" system.

The biggest majority car owners don't even know the basics on how to save money on gas, which is doing the proper maintenance on your car. This can be a huge factor on fuel consumption. Starting with this point could really help a lot of you out.

Taking every day habits can also help you save a lot of money, but this will become a lot of efforts for a possible 10 to 15 percent fuel economy. This is alright, but we need to save more.

Finally, we can use a "fuel saver" device or systems. Now this is much more interesting. But how can we know which devices or systems are worth investing money in?

Well this is why we write similar articles. Many people, just like myself, are tired of spending thousands per year on gas and have started to search for an effective alternative. A few months ago, I've accidentally stumbled on a certain video talking about an American inventor.

The man has discovered a system to create any kind of energy using water. After developing his invention, he transformed this into an hydrogen gas saver system. Hydrogen gas savers are systems used to reduce fuel combustion by replacing the required energy by this new energy created with water.

Many inventors have created products that are presently on the market, but the biggest problem about these devices is that nobody can afford them.

This is why I am so excited about the hydrogen gas saver systems I have discovered. These are the two most appreciated products in this domain, and are easily affordable for anyone.

To learn more, visit

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Jeffrey M. - EzineArticles Expert Author

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fuel Saver For the New Millennium

High fuel costs are harming the economy worldwide

Are you feeling the pain of rising fuel prices and looking for ways to save money at the pumps? You can't control the price of gas, but you can control how much gas you burn.

But there's light among the gloom. H2OIL Corporation announces nanotechnology " eeFuel® enhancer" for the American market.

eeFuel® has announced its new distribution program available in North America with plans to open a European Distribution centre in the future.

H2OIL Corporation is the leading developer and manufacture of fuel saver and oil additive products utilizing the most advanced nanotechnology, for making nanotechnology gasoline, diesel fuel and engine oil.

Located in California's Silicon Valley, the company's goal has been to develop new generation fuel oil and oil technology fuel saver products, which will give users as easy, cost effective, and highly efficient method of conserving energy, reduce air pollution and protecting equipment (Wall Street Reporter).

eeFuel® mission is to build a cleaner, healthier tomorrow while providing money-saving, fuel saver practical solutions today, by conserving our natural resources, positively impacting our environment, improving air quality and reducing harmful pollutants.

1994 Forbes Magazine featured eeFuel® manufacturer as a top 25 company in emerging environmental technologies world wide.

eeFuel® can play a very important role in fuel saver, conserving energy and protecting the environment with a strong track record of real benefits.

* Improve fuel economy
* Cut maintenance costs
* Extend engine life
* Increase power
* Reduce toxic emissions
* Protect environment
* Decrease pollution

TNO, a specialist service provider to the International Automotive Industry, has tested almost 30 Fuel saver additives; eeFuel® is the only one with certifiable proven results.

1994 United Nations selected eeFuel® as the most effective and economical in alleviating urban transport air pollution.

In May 2005, The China National EPA formally recognized eeFuel®.- The Agency referred to eeFuel® as the best gasoline and diesel additive on the market for saving fuel and reducing toxic tailpipe emissions.

• 2008, H2OIL eeFuel® appointed PetroChina as Sole Distributor in China

Petro China officially entered a joint venture after the manufacturing plant was completed at Tianjin China. The plant is capable to produce enough eeFuel® additive to treat about 70% of China's entire domestic demand for gasoline and diesel fuel to deliver cutting edge nanotechnology fuel saver into the rapidly expanding fuel market in China.

eeFuel® works in most engines. any Gasoline. Diesel, HFO Engine. - 2 and 4 stroke engines - Motorcycle,Scooters, Mopeds - Automobiles, Trucks, Buses - Tractors, Locomotives, Stationary Power Generators - Construction and Agricultural Equipment - Pleasure Boats, Ships, and Ocean Liners.

How eeFuel® works is by improving the vaporization mixture, creating a more complete combustion and longer, more powerful burn.

The Resulting benefits are improved fuel economy, increased power and reduced emissions, which in turn reduces engine wear and fuel saver It's Safe and easy to use with no vehicle or engine modifications required.

eeFuel® is a registered trademark of H2OIL Corporation
For more information on H2OIL fuel saver and how to save money on your fuel bills and other benefits of eeFuel® enhancer go to :-

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Big carmakers say fuel rule plan too strict

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The world's biggest auto companies told the U.S. government on Tuesday its leading proposal to boost annual fuel efficiency targets through the middle of the next decade is too aggressive.

Global sales leader Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T), General Motors Corp (GM.N) Ford Motor Co (F.N) Chrysler LLC and other manufacturers complained in a regulatory filing that a planned 4.5 percent yearly increase between 2011-2015 is unworkable.

"This goes beyond what it is technologically feasible and economically practicable," the companies' trade group, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, said.

"It would require manufacturers to expend resources at a pace that is excessive given the fact that the auto industry is already under economic stress," the companies said.

The Transportation Department's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is drafting a rule that would set annual targets for satisfying a new law mandating a 40 percent jump in fleet-wide average fuel efficiency to 35 miles per gallon by 2020.

Congress required the agency to set yearly targets in rules covering five-year periods. The proposal is more ambitious than even congressional supporters of the 2020 standard expected.

Regulators had no comment on the automakers' concerns.

The Bush administration wants to complete the first efficiency rule before it leaves office in January, more than 18 months before the start of the 2011 model year.

Automakers said the "most important problem" is that regulators underestimate the costs and overestimate the benefits of fuel saving technologies.

They complained the plan to "front-load" efficiency gains for the fleet in the first years of the program -- nearly 32 mpg by 2015 -- especially penalizes sport utilities, pickups and vans because they are more expensive to make than cars.

Between 2011-15, new cars would have to get 35.7 mpg, while light trucks, including sport utilities, pickups and vans would need to reach 28.6 mpg.

The government estimated it would cost manufacturers about $16 billion to meet the 2015 standard for cars and $31 billion for light trucks.

(Reporting John Crawley; Editing by Andre Grenon)

Monday, June 30, 2008

MINYAK NAIK..!!! Relax...

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera;

MINYAK NAIK..!!! Relax...
Produk HEBAT yang di cari-cari oleh SEMUA orang!
Kenaikan HARGA MINYAK tidak boleh dibendung lagi...
Semua rakyat merasa bahang kenaikan bahan api ini.
Mari kita mula BERJIMAT sambil menjana pendapatan.

Dengan Modal Mula RM 50,
Anda mampu menjana pendapatan Sampingan sehingga RM 97,000.00!

Untuk maklumat lanjut;

Perniagaan ini sungguh MUDAH. Cuma SMS dan EMAIL laman web anda kepada kawan2. Selainnya, kami buatkan untuk anda.

Anda juga di jemput menyertai kami dalam pemasaran produk HEBAT ini, juga produk-produk lain sebagai alternatif kepada menambahkan pendapatan anda dalam kemelut kegawatan dan kos kehidupan yang makin meningkat.

Terima kasih

Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 Ways To Save Car Fuel

With the rising price of gas here are some tips to reduce you fuel costs, all what needed is for you to try them out so you can see for yourself. Here goes:-

1. Pump up your tires and keep at the correct pressure. Under inflated tires can use up to an extra 7% fuel.

2. Check the wheel the wheel alignment as misalignment can cause increased rolling resistance of your car. Therefore increasing your fuel consumption and wearing out your tires quicker.

3. Remove anything from your car boot that you do not require. For example an extra 30 kg's adds another 2% to fuel consumption.

4. Remove roof and bike racks etc if not in use as they cause air drag.

5. Fill up your car when you see the price for fuel reduced

6. Buy premium unleaded fuel only if will benefit the fuel economy of your car as it costs more to buy. Check your owner's manual to see if your car does actually benefit by using premium fuel.

7. Service your car regularly. For example a clogged air filter can add 10% to your fuel consumption and so can binding brakes or a clogged exhaust system. Regular oil changes with the correct oil will also save fuel as clean oil has better lubricating properties causing less friction in your engine and transmission.

8. Driving smoothly, with as little sudden acceleration or braking as possible, this evens out fuel use and improves the efficiency of your car's engine. If you change gears at the right
time and also do it without strong braking and accelerating, you will save up to about
45% of petrol on the same distances!

9. Shutting all the windows will make your car that bit more aerodynamic.

10. Turning down the Air Conditioning will save fuel as the car does not have to work as hard to maintain a lower temperature.

Do Fuel Savers Work?

The worst concern of the times: Do fuel savers really work?

Over the last five years we have been repeatedly informed that money can be saved by saving gas while using one's car. It all depends on the proper maintenance of the car and making optimum use of the vehicle by following the fuel saving methods. To answer the question do fuel savers work: yes they do and I will show you how.

How does one verify the validity of fuel savers?

Life is hectic and all of us are hard up of time. It is really difficult to find out whether the tall promises made by the systems are true or not. With every rise in the price of fuels I was getting convinced that the car must be disposed of. However, before doing so I thought that it would be a sane decision to assess the utility of the fuel saving methods.

Having investigated several systems making tall claims as fuel savers, it was just one that emerged as effective. It is surprising and sad that several techniques are displayed on line and people often get duped by them. They end buying useless ones that do not work efficiently. It is therefore wiser to read reviews about each product before purchasing them. The vital query is do fuel savers work? The answer can come from sundry sources but one should be alert about whom to believe. Every attempt is obviously going to be made to convince that each product is good.

What is really important is that before going in for the displayed products, one should take the advice of those persons who have already purchased them and have been satisfied with their performance. It is rather foolish to take risks when it concerns the safety of your own car. Even the references or selection of reliable companies can be trusted.
If one needs detailed information about how to go about saving fuel with a fuel saver see below.

Let's analyze the real need of the people and probe deeper into the matter.

What exactly is that which people desire?

The answer to that question is very easy. The life style of the people has to be improved. Certainly one may wish to know the relation between life style and gas price. The expenditure or savings that one has, definitely affects his life style. So if one needs to spend less on fuel, then that saved amount can be used on very many things more important than fuel.

Here's some thing you can do.

Try estimating your total expenditure on gas. Is it more than 1000 dollars per month?

For the sake of assessment let's assume that your fuel expenditure per month is 200 dollars which means it comes to 2400 dollars per annum. It would highly interest you to know that you can reduce this by 40%, which means a neat amount of 960 dollars can be saved every year. Needless to say, that it is definitely profitable, so if more profit is desired then more needs to be invested on gas. This is a possibility only if one uses devices that save fuel.

It is not unusual that, you would still wonder, do fuel savers work?

The surely do, provided the right system is used and a proper instruction guides you to it.
Here's a better option: Won't it be exciting to change your system so that it operates with the help of water instead of gas?

You must be wondering how much that would cost. Not much at all and you can see for yourself here: fuel savers work

Friday, June 27, 2008

What Do You Do to Save Fuel?

The rise of gas prices has brought about some dramatic choices for many people, such as giving up things from their daily existence in order to be able to put some gas in the car every week. It is only natural that under the circumstances people are turning to all sorts of products which save fuel in order to save more than just a few bucks.

Another aspect of the rise of gas prices is that it has led to an increase in the number of fuel savers. The tendency of consumers when the gas prices rise is to look for products that save fuel. Among the steps one can take with the purpose of increasing gas mileage are installing an automotive device or choosing a fuel saver such as a gas additive. Although the amount of savings may vary from one fuel saver to another, these products which save gas have actually proven their effectiveness.

The savings one could realize depends first of all on a series of aspects which are not very much related to fuel savers. Of course it will make a difference if you drive mostly on the highway and less in the city. The type of car you own or your manner of driving will pretty much make a difference when it comes to saving. But none of the above will improve your gas mileage to such an extent that you will be totally pleased. Most people still need to resort to fuel savers and the independent tests performed have shown that gas additives actually save fuel.

What people are mostly interested in when they resort to a fuel saver is , of course, to increase gas mileage significantly. What consumers should also know is that these products which save fuel, don’t do just that. Their benefits go way beyond saving fuel. Among other things, the emissions of your car will be dramatically reduced, it will ensure an accelerated combustion and soon. A fuel saver will also prolong the life of your engine and will decrease the noise made by your engine. Last but not least, a fuel saver will make sure that what is usually exhausted as pollution will be totally burned.

The struggle to save fuel has to begin in the very first stages of choosing your car. There are some aspects which you must not overlook when making a choice for a new car because a good choice can translate into money saving whereas a not so fortunate choice will only cost you a lot of money over the years. Of course there are people you can ask about particular cars which save fuel or you can read about it in magazines or on web sites. But chances are you’ll never be satisfied with the results, and you will eventually have to turn to a fuel saver. And since it’s been demonstrated over and over again that these products save fuel indeed, wouldn’t it be a very wise choice to purchase such a fuel saver earlier than resort to it later when the high costs of fuel for your car have already driven you crazy?

The size of your car, the transmission, manual or automatic, the dimensions of your engine, whether you have rear-wheel or front-wheel drive, all of these will play a significant part whether you can save fuel or not. A smaller engine is said to reduce fuel consumption but that’s not always the case, a small size car is considered to be more efficient as far as saving fuel is concerned, but you may need more than a very small car. What happens then? The safest solution in order to save fuel is to go for a gas additive as a fuel saver because its effectiveness is guaranteed.

For more saving fuel details or related subjects about save fuel and even about fuel saver please visit this website

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